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October 14, 2013
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KA: Kanade Anabuki by Yumiiro KA: Kanade Anabuki by Yumiiro

I updated her art now, because the one one was really, really fugly :iconpapmingplz:

Holy shiz she got in-- :iconrlyplz: I wasn't expecting that.... Really.... wasn't expecting that :iconrlytearplz: ANYWAYYYYSSSSS~ If you're in the group and want to rp with my weirdo here, just note me or comment or skype me or something! I'm also usually in the chatroom too.... :iconamythinkplz:

I didn't get in last enrollments, so I'm trying out again! :iconyea-plz: I hope I get in! Sorry for the crappy lineart, I drew it on the plane when I was coming back to Australia... :iconohokayplz:

Name :
Kanade Anabuki

Age :

Date Of Birth :
March 2

Year :

Height :
5'2" / 158cm (tiny senpai :iconhappy-smileplz:)

Club :

Locker :

Dormitory :
G - 2 - 34 with Emiko Kumagi

Personality :
:bulletgreen:Agreeable - If you suggest an idea or something of the sort to Kanade, she'll most likely go along with it. She's also quite easy to persuade and trick, seeing as she agrees to most things.

:bulletgreen:Oblivious - Kanade doesn't notice things very easily. She can say something really bad or wrong, and not even realise it until someone points it out for her. She can also be quite forgetful. And if something of her's goes missing, she won't even notice :iconfacerubplz:

:bulletgreen:Easygoing - Kanade usually remains calm and relaxed, taking her time to do most things. She probably won't even worry if there's a test that she needs to turn in soon, she'll just do it at her own pace :iconimsotiredcryplz:

:bulletgreen:Silly - Kanade can be quite silly and say silly things. She often has a silly personality, suggesting dumb ideas and taking interest in weird things, but however, her grades are quite good. She also tells jokes quite often, but most of them aren't really funny.

:bulletgreen:Gentle - Kanade doesn't believe in violence solving problems, nor does she like sports like martial arts. However in videogames... that's a different story.

:bulletgreen:Easily scared / upset / embarrassed / etc. - If you make her sad, even a little bit, she'll most likely cry. If you anger her, she'll go mad. If you say something that's flirty or embarrassing, she'll blush like crazy. If something suddenly jumps out at her, she'll be scared easily, etc.

:bulletgreen:Caring - As a senpai, Kanade cares about all her kouhais and tries her best to be nice to them and make a good image of herself as a senpai :iconslowhugplz:

:bulletgreen:Split Personality - If you anger her... you're not in good luck. Whenever Kanade gets angry, it's like she turns into an entirely new person. Her calm personality goes out the window and she turns into some violent person who won't be afraid to insult or physically hurt someone who angers her. This is all because of her not being able to keep all her angry emotions inside her at times, she'll just accidentally let them all out.

:bulletgreen:Strange - Kanade is quite strange. She can switch personalities easily, and tend to take an interest in things that people would normally find weird, or even occasionally gross.

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Videogames - Mostly first-person shooters and violent games.
:bulletgreen: Black, grey, white, fluro pink, and fluro teal - Her favourite colours
:bulletgreen: Anime - Usually action and horror
:bulletgreen: Chickens - Both the food and the animal. They're her favourite animal, the reason is unknown :iconhappy-smileplz:
:bulletgreen: Japanese Food - She likes all types of Japanese food. Takoyaki, anpan, yakisoba, sushi, pocky, taiyaki, you name it!
:bulletgreen: Food in general
:bulletgreen: Her friends, and people that are nice to her
:bulletgreen: Smoothies - Any flavour, she doesn't mind
:bulletgreen: Tall People - She respects them because they're what she wants to be, and isn't (However, she won't respect them and stuffs if they're mean to her otl ;; )
:bulletgreen: Programming - Why she joined the computers club!
:bulletgreen: Animated blood and gore - For reasons that she doesn't know herself, she just likes the sight of it animated. However, if she sees anything gory irl she'll freak out :iconhappy-smileplz:
:bulletgreen: Yaoi - She'll fangirl (and take pictures) over the sight of it, buy yaoi manga and anime (and fangirl over it), save yaoi pictures to her phone and stare at them (and of course, fangirl :iconhesmirkplz:) ....Yeah, she's basically a fujoshi :iconmhmmmplz:
:bulletgreen: Iced Chocolate - She's always seem to be drinking it. :iconmanlytearsplz: Her favourite type of drink. It's yummy. She finds it yummy. Chocolate.

Dislikes :
:bulletblack: People that aren't nice to her, and her enemies
:bulletblack: Not having food
:bulletblack: When people don't understand her jokes
:bulletblack: Cats - She was trying to rescue one out of a tree when she was younger, but it jumped down and Kanade fell out of the tree and then Kanade broke her arm because she hardly landed on it :iconhappy-smileplz: And she believes it was all the cat's fault.
:bulletblack: Fire - Fear
:bulletblack: Thunderstorms and Lightening - Fear
:bulletblack: Heights and Flying - Fear
:bulletblack: Milkshakes, Milk in general
:bulletblack: When people call her short, that aren't herself
:bulletblack: When two (or more) people are fighting - She doesn't like people to fight, so she'll try her best to stop them, even when the situation has nothing to do with herself. Also, if this happens in a videogame or in a TV show or an anime or whatevz, she'll shout at the characters in the TV screen :iconhappy-smileplz:
:bulletblack: Horror movies - Live action ones scare her, and there's a very high chance she won't be able to sleep for the next few days :iconmhmmmplz:

Sexual Preference :

Voice :
Voice Actor : Mai Nakahara
Anime Example : Ayano Tateyama
Voice Sample

Misc :
:bulletgreen: She wears red glasses (like the ones Mirai Kuriyama wears) when she's at her dorm room, in her free time, and sometimes at school. At school, she usually wears eye contacts.
:bulletgreen: Her younger sister is Midori Anabuki
:bulletgreen: She has a fear of heights, flying, and fire.
:bulletgreen: She can speak fluent English, but still has a strong japanese accent when speaking it
:bulletgreen: She dreams of going to a foreign country (any) and would like to go to one when she's older
:bulletgreen: She had a boyfriend in middle school until her third year, but that was around the time she stopped growing and others were much taller than her. Her boyfriend dumped her because he liked tall people.
:bulletgreen: The jokes she says are really lame, but she occasionally says something funny that wasn't meant to be funny :iconmhmmmplz:
:bulletgreen: Even though she knows it won't happen very soon or at all, she really wants to be tall
:bulletgreen: She reason why she loves violent and shooter videogames is because when she's shooting all the opponents, she believes it will quicken her reaction time, which she wants to quicken because she's slow at noticing things. She also likes the sight of blood and gore, but only when it's animated :iconhappyderpplz:
:bulletgreen: Her favourite sport is swimming, and the only reason why she didn't join the swimming club is because all the spots were full :iconhappy-smileplz: She thinks she's good at swimming, but she can only swim freestyle.... not backstroke or breaststroke or anything else :iconimsotiredcryplz:
:bulletgreen: She played the xylophone once in grade school, she liked it (and decided to take it seriously) so she decided to take lessons and teach herself how to play it :iconfacerubplz:
:bulletgreen: Her laugh is 'Uhuhu' :iconohoho-plz:
:bulletgreen: She doesn't like to play visual novels because once when she was visiting a friends house, they played one and it was actually an eroge (her friend tricked her into playing it, and of course she didn't see that '18+' sign thing :iconidontgetit-plz:) and scarred her eyes for life :iconfacerubplz: She thinks that this might happen again, and from that day on she refuses to play visual novels :iconimsotiredcryplz: Yaoi ones are an exception :iconhesmirkplz:
:bulletgreen: Even though she really loves yaoi, she scared of people finding out and judging her, so she tries her best to keep it a secret (but most of the time, she fails :iconheplz: )
:bulletgreen: There's a strand of hair she has, and whenever she sees or hears something she likes, it will stand up like an ahoge :iconhappy-smileplz: She can brush it down, but it'll still stick up. Therefore, it's quite easy to tell if she likes someone / something :iconfacerubplz:
:bulletgreen: She ties her tie into a ribbon because why the hell not :iconkanadetiredplz:
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askjao we  should totally rp if you wanna sob  :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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