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MH: Mizushima, Kanon by Yumiiro MH: Mizushima, Kanon by Yumiiro
Name :
Mizushima, Kanon

Age :

Date of Birth :
June 13

Year :

Height :
5'5" / 168cm

Gender :

Home or School :

Club :
Swimming - President

Personality traits :
:bulletpink:Friendly | Outgoing | Energetic | Gullible | Chatterbox | Whiney | Childish | Easily Scared :bulletpink:

Kanon is a girl who can be a bit... too happy. She tries to make friends with almost everyone that she meets-- however, she usually judges on first impressions, so if you be mean to her the first time you meet her, she'll forever see you as a bad person :iconpapplz: She does talk alot and... really doesn't know to shut up :iconpapmingplz: She also has energy inside her, and doesn't like to stand still. If there's an awkward silence, or a silent at all, she's the person who'll most likely break it, or if she's in one place for too long, she'll either start dancing or running around in circles :iconomgcryplz: Kanon is also quite gullible- if you tell a lie to her, there's a very high chance that she'll believe it. She's also one of those people who'll complain and whine about something if she doesn't like it. She'll probably even get on the ground like a little kid and throw a tantrum by stomping her arms up and down :iconomgcryplz:. Kanon also gets scared easily-- If you tell her a horror story, or something that scares her, she'll start freaking out (even if it sounds unreasonable) and... yeah :iconimboboplz:

Likes :
:bulletpink: Swimming
:bulletpink: Playing Sports -
She loves to play all sports, but her favourite is swimming
:bulletpink: The colour pink - The colour of her hair! :iconimaginaaationplz:
:bulletpink: Talking - She doesn't know how to shut up :iconteyuplz:
:bulletpink: Photography - If she didn't like to swim or play sports, photography would be her favourite thing to do
:bulletpink: Dancing
:bulletpink: Magic -
Ever since she was a child, she's believed in magic. She sorta has a bit of chuunibyou I think :iconwatmemeplz: She carries a toy want in her bag and will get it out at times... and try to perform magic :iconimboboplz: It never works, though.
:bulletpink: Butterflies - Her favourite... animal :iconpapmingplz: She thinks they're an animal. She has no idea they're an insect lol
:bulletpink: Cotton Candy - Favourite food.... It's sweet, and it's pink :iconedyeahplz:
:bulletpink: Singing

Dislikes :
:bulletred: The dark - Scared of it :iconneveraloneplz:
:bulletred: Chocolate - Doesn't like the taste of it... She prefers vegetables over chocolate :iconpapmingplz:
:bulletred: Haunted Houses
:bulletred: Trucks -
because she likes kagerou project BECAUSEEEEEEE of storied she's heard of trucks hitting people and stuff falling out of the back of a track and onto people and killing them and stuff :iconimboboplz:
:bulletred: Mean People - ....Who would like mean people? :icondidyoujustplz:
:bulletred: Bugs, Insects - ....She says she doesn't like insects, but her favourite animal is one. wtf. :iconimsotiredcryplz: buuuut she doesn't like bugs like spiders and flies and stuff
:bulletred: Ducks
:bulletred: Horror Movies and stories -
They... scare her, I guess? :iconpapplz:
:bulletred: Bears - They're big and scary :iconpapcryplz: Well, stuffed toy ones aren't, but... real ones... :iconmingnoplz:
:bulletred: Dramatic Stories / TV Shows / Books - She finds them boring :iconcarryonplz:

Voice :
Talking : TBA
Singing :…

Additional Info :
:bulletpink: Has 2 stuffed toys that she cares alot about-- Kuma-chi and Pan-chan. Kuma-chi is a stuffed toy bear, and Pan-chan is a panda :iconshaplz:

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Yumiiro Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconomgcryplz: why yes he does indeed-- //srapped
lautte Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
spamgasps so she is that sort of mizushima
wowowow pink hair green eyes I see it now >C
Is she like a younger cousin or something
Yumiiro Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
....I FORGOT THAT KONOYO HAD GREEN EYES :iconpapmingplz: idk rly--
lautte Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
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tashaj4de Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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sureeeeee~ :iconsexybrowsplz: where? here, notes, skype? :iconamythinkplz:
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