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MH: Rei Yamada by Yumiiro MH: Rei Yamada by Yumiiro

:new: I GOT INNNNNNNNNN :iconallmytearsplz: if you want to rp with me, just shoot me a note or send me a message on skype! or comment!

asdfghjkl; i know i should stop joining roleplay groups but this one looked so interesting it made me apply-- :iconlazycryplz: so here's by buttface-- :iconseyedplz: Oh, if I get into the group I'll draw her fullbody onto the app :iconimboboplz: ...And I swear I'm going to have to change and take out 18337383827272 things in her backstory :iconneveraloneplz: neverminddddd

Profile :

Name : Yamada, Rei
Nicknames : None yet :iconneveraloneplz:
Gender : Female
Birthday : September 14
Age : 14
Grade : First
Badge : +
Clubs : Higher Education, Counselling, Art
Height : 5'11" / 180cm

Personality :

:bulletyellow: Mean - Rei is well... mean. She doesn't treat others nicely and hardly has any friends. It's actually a miracle if you can manage to make her smile in like, a friendly way. She does have a soft side, but it's hidden deeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeep into the shadowwwwwwwwwws.
:bulletyellow: Hot-headed - Rei gets angry very verrryyyy eaily. If you say something that wasn't meant to, but for some reason offends her, even if it's only a teensy bit, she'll get really angry and.... yeah. Kick or punch you. :iconhappy-smileplz:
:bulletyellow: Smart - Well, believe it or not, Rei is very smart. She always- if not, usually gets straight A's. However, Rei doesn't like school (or to study) and she usually sleeps during or skips class.
:bulletyellow: Fussy - If she sees something like.... well, if she wanted to eat a cheese sandwich and it got tomatoes on it aswell, she'd ask for a completely new sandwich without tomatoes on it instead of taking the tomatoes off. Why? Because, apparrently the taste of tomatoes is still on the cheese. If you go shopping with her, there will either be one or no things that she'd like to buy, probably due to all of the rest having one little detail that she doesn't like. Yes. Rei is THIS fussy about everything.
:bulletyellow: Selfish - If there's one slice of cake left, Rei won't think about anyone else and take the slice for herself, and eat it. If there's one copy of a videogame that someone... behind her? wants, she'll take it and buy it just to make the other person mad. She doesn't really think about the feelings of anyone else.
:bulletyellow: Sneaky - Rei can quickly go from place to place, and not be noticed. She can also steal things, and not be noticed.
:bulletyellow: Violent - She enjoys kicking and puching people and shiz :iconimsotiredplz:
:bulletyellow: Impatient - Rei doesn't like to wait. She gets angry if she's waiting on anything for too long, as she finds waiting boring, and she hates... boring... stuff :iconimboboplz:
:bulletyellow: Creepy - Weeeeeeel, she sort of has a yandere side to her. When she starts to like someone, she'll send them really creepy love letters and act all nice around them and stuff. And be, uh, yandereish? But no killing people. Noooo killing people. ( relates to her history )

Backstory :

Rei was born into a poor family with 7 members. Her mum, her dad, herself, and her older triplet sisters, Aoi, Irie, and Moriko. Their family was the 'Yamashiro' family.
Like said before, Rei's family was poor. They lived in a small house only the size of a big room with no windows. The room didn't even have much furniture. Just a huge bed enough for 7 people, and a table that they could eat food on. And the only food that they could have per day, was a small bowl of rice, not really enough to feed the 7 of them.

Since Rei was the youngest and weakest, her parents and older sisters didn't really care much about her. The older triplets got an education at school believe it or not, but it was a very cheap school. However, it supplied a good enough education for the three.
Rei got no education from school. She wasn't even treated nicely. For food, she'd always get given the leftovers, even though there was hardly any, and most of the time, there was none. However, Rei was used to this. She believed that she was trash and nobody cared about her. And one by one, she slowly started to turn into a small, emotionless girl.

However, that sort-of changed when Rei's family sort of like... uhh... put Rei up for adoption.
Rei's parent thought it was too much to handle Rei aswell has the older triplets, thinking that Rei was just a bothering thing that didn't deserve the food that it got. Rei was quickly given to an orphanage (even though in her life, it wasn't thaaat quick) at the age of 6. Even though she wasn't the best person there and she, herself expected her to never get adopted, a kind, rich family thought she needed help and decided to adopt her.

When Rei was brought to their house, she got what she needed. She was signed up for a school, the family fed her nice (and healthy, of course) food. This family was the rich 'Ikeda' family, who have been known for donating lots of their money for charities, and known for actually caring alot about other people.
Since Rei was adopted into their family, she had to change her last name to Ueda. But, Rei also liked her old last name, even if her family treated her badly. So, they combined the two together, and 'Yamada' is what they got.

After 2 weeks of relaxing at home, Rei had to start school. It seemed exciting for her, since she'd never been before. And when she got there, she was amazed. Even if it was only a small-ish school, the place seemed so... big for her! Even if she was taller than the average height of her age, she still found it very big. But when she was introducing herself, she didn't like what she heard.

"H...Hi, I'm Rei Yamada... I'm transferring to thi--"
      "Hey, are you a giant?"
      "You're very tall."
      "You're scary!"

All the other children except Rei bursted into laughter. And they couldn't stop. Rei's eyes started to get teary and she ran away, into a corner, and started to cry. She didn't like being called things that she, really, wasn't. She didn't like anything about her height. She didn't want to be bullied because of it. However, her adopted family liked the fact that she was so tall, so she didn't tell them about what happened at school.

     "Welcome Home, Rei!"
      "What happened at school today?"
"A...Ah.... Nothing...."

That happened every day. Rei didn't have any friends, she just liked to sit in the corner... and read books. She also liked to do work from class she hadn't finished, and play math games on the computer. She also requested to stay in at lunch breaks and do more work. And perhaps, Rei was at the top of her class, and even smarter than some of the people in years above her. Even though she loved all the teachers and such, she hated to be at school. Every second of it. Because that was the place where she was most lonely.

However, that loneliness changed when she entered fourth grade. Two years later.
Rei was so smart that she skipped third grade so she could actually do classwork at her own level. Yeah, she was still quite tall compared to her classmates, and was called a nerd once in a while, but she ignored them like she always did. And there was someone else supporting her.

Rei's only friend. Shiori Fujihara.

Shiori met Rei due to coincidence. Shiori was only starting at Rei's new school at the start of the year, and accidentally bumped into Rei. Rei tried to get rid of her as quick as she could, but... Shiori was amazed by the fact that Rei was so tall. She actually liked it. It was actually Shiori's wish to be as tall as Rei, due to herself being quite... small. Shiori tried her best to somehow become Rei's friend, and they somehow managed to become very good- if not, best friends.
They would go everywhere together. When work was partner work, they'd always work together. Shiori would even invite Rei over to her house so they could have sleepovers. They truely were the best of friends. And they both were happy for the rest of their elementary school lives.

They went to the same middle school. However, things changed. Shiori got a boyfriend and almost forgot about Rei. Rei didn't really have any friends any more after Shiori forgot about her. She even wondered how she would forget about her that easily, when all they did for their last 3 years in elementary school was spend time together.
Whenever Rei tried to talk to her, Shiori ignored her and treated her like she was invisible.

Rei was angry about this. Very angry. Upset, and angry. She somehow- for some reason, turned into a mean person. She didn't want any more friends, thinking something like what happened before, will happen again. She faded into the shadows, and nobody noticed her.

Nobody, except for one person.

       "Are you okay?"

Rei heard that voice coming from behind her when she was in a corner, crying. So she turned her head around, and answered the person.

"I'm fine..."
       "...You were crying"
"Whatever, whatever"

Rei looked back to the wall, and rested her head on her knees, hoping the person would go away.

       "You're not okay. Here."

She heard the voice say once again, this time, holding out a tissue.
Rei slapped the tissue away, and turned her head to the other side.

"I don't need it. You don't even know me. There's no chance you'd care about me, anyways"
       "Hey-- I don't even know you, but you were crying. I don't even know you, but you don't deserve to cry. Just, take it"

The other person held out their hand again.
Rei just took their hand and stood up, hoping that he'd finally stop annoying her. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes with the tissue the other person gave her, and then dropped it on the ground.

"There. I'm not crying. Are you happy now?"
       "Why are you being so--"
"You're annoying. Leave me alone"

Rei turned around and quickly started to walk away, before she felt something grab her hand.

"What now..."
        "I never got to know your name..."
"...It's Rei. Rei Yamada"
        "I'm Kouta Gokudo. Nice to meet you, Rei."

Rei looked back behind her and the boy, Kouta, playfully smiled at her, causing Rei to blush a little.

"...Nice to meet you too."

Rei shook his hand off hers and quickly ran away.

From that day on, Kouta slowly managed to become Rei's friend. He was actually nice to her. Even nicer than Shiori.

And Rei liked him. As in, like-liked him. However, she was too nervous to ask him out, because she thought he might have only thought of Rei as a friend. And Rei also needed to focus on her schoolwork and stay top of the class.
However, the more she waited, the more the liked him. And then, she started to go insane.

Still having a crush on Kouta, she started to act strange, and really kind and nice around him. So nice, that it was actually scary. She sent anonymous love letters to him and put them in his locker, the letters being newspaper cut-outs. And to every girl she saw talking to Kouta, she would write death threats (anonymous, of course) on pieces of paper and put them in their lockers.
And Rei was happy.

However, one day, Rei found out that Kouta had a girlfriend.

"You... already... have... a girlfriend?"

Rei asked him this question several times, hoping that his answer would change.

         "I've said this five times already. Yes, I already have a girlfriend"

And every time he answered that question, it felt like spears were piercing through Rei's heart.

".....What's her name?"
         "Shiori Fujihara. We've been going out just after we started middle school."

...Turns out that the boy who was dating Rei's once best friend was the person that Rei had a crush on.

"Okay then..."

Rei ran away, looking like she was crying, but she was laughing evilly in her mind. Now that she found out who his girlfriend, she couldn't be stopped.
She wanted to end Shiori's life and have Kouta all to herself.

One day after school when Shiori wasn't wirh Kouta, out of nowhere, Rei, dressed as a different classmate of theirs, grabbed Shiori's hand and dragged her to an empty, abandoned classroom at the school.
Rei pinned her to the wall, and got a pair of red designer scissors out of her pocket.

         "...Rei? What are you doing-- WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO--"

She slowly started to lower the scissors down, aiming at the middle of Shiori's chest.

"You took the one that I love. You should've left sooner..."

And before she could say anything else, Shiori's eyes filled up with tears.


"Say another word, and I'll kill you"

Rei smiled at Shiori, still moving the scissors towards her. Very, veerrrryyy slowly.

         "LISTEN TO ME! REI...!"

But before Shiori could finish what she was saying, Rei stabbed the scissors into Shiori's chest, and Shiori fell down to the ground. Rei started laughing at her.
But that didn't happen for long.


Kouta had just passed by, and saw Rei stabbing Shiori. Kouta ran over to where Shiori was and picked up her somewhat-dead body, and glared at Rei.

         "It was--"

But before he could finish his sentence, Rei quickly ran off to where nobody else could see her.

Thankfully, Shiori wasn't dead. The wound that she had wasn't deep enough to kill her, and she got to hospital quick enough.
"At least she got what she deserved..."

However, Rei wasn't accused of almost killing Shiori at all. It was their classmate, Mari, who Rei had dressed up as.
(The only reason that Shiori could tell it was Rei was because of her face and height. Kouta didn't really see Rei's face and was too focused on Shiori to realise how tall Rei was. Just making that clear)

         "IT WASN'T ME--"
"I saw you trying to kill Shiori"
         "I'M TELLING YOU, IT WASN'T--"

Rei just watched them from the shadows, smiling to herself.

Now that Kouta no longer had Shiori, Rei thought that Kouta would want to go out with her now, but... Kouta was really upset. He didn't talk to anyone. He sometimes didn't even come to school.
Rei's plan backfired, and she turned even meaner, and meaner to others.
However, Rei's (adoptive) parents never found out about this incident. Sure, she arrived late back from school, but the just said that she got tired and went to sit down on a bench for a while. In fact, her parents didn't even find out about the incident.
Even though Rei acted mean to people at her school, she still acted the same with her parents. They were probably the only people she could really trust, and she loved them.

However, she had managed to stay at the top of her class for he entire 3 years in middle school. Misidori High noticed this, and decided to offer her a scholarship to their school.
And there she went.

Reason why they enrolled at Misidori : Explained above. lol.

Likes :
:bulletpurple: The colour purple
:bulletpurple: The colour yellow
:bulletpurple: Drawing
:bulletpurple: Singing
:bulletpurple: Playing the guitar
:bulletpurple: Scissors
:bulletpurple: Playing videogames
:bulletpurple: Kicking and punching people :iconitwasaliensplz:

Dislikes :
:bulletblack: People who try to get close to the one that she loves
:bulletblack: Boredom
:bulletblack: Boring people
:bulletblack: Meat
:bulletblack: School
:bulletblack: Studying
:bulletblack: People in general

Additional Info :
:bulletpurple: She's a vegetarian :iconmhmmmplz:
:bulletpurple: She... has anger issues :iconhappy-smileplz:
:bulletpurple: She's flatchested but gets angry whenever it's pointed out :iconpapmingplz:
:bulletpurple: Socks are black and white striped- One is full leg length, and the other is knee-high length
:bulletpurple: Shoes are red converse-- but she does sometimes change the colour
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The setting is just after school hours.

Yuki just got out of his last class and realized that he's been falling behind slightly in his studies. Being a prodigy and all, the boy knew that wasn't acceptable. At the moment, he could be seen carrying a few study books in hand as he lightly stepped through the hallways, making his way to the library. "Damn atmosphere," Yuki started to mumble, "Just.. everything. Damn you. You're making me look stupid."

The library was closer now. Just a few more click of the heels and he'll be there. He was getting ready to make a quick turn to the other hallway until he bumped into some tall kid. "Hhhh, hey! You almost stepped on my foot.." Yeah, Yuki was a total diva. She'd have to excuse him for that. "...Hmph, sorry I guess. Must've been my fault. But it could also be yours since you were in the way of my walking."
Yumiiro Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Strolling down the hallways after getting out of class, Rei was tired. Not tired from the work itself... But tired because she just woke up and was still half-asleep.
Not watching where she was going, she was bumped into by someone, and immediately turned around.
"Huh? I almost stepped on your foot? Well, it's your fault for bumping into me. And no. It wasn't my fault. You bumped into me, you said it was your fault, why the heck would it be my fault? :iconorekiblinkplz:" she says in a cold tone.
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