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TH: Mitsuko, Hitomi by Yumiiro TH: Mitsuko, Hitomi by Yumiiro
Dropped out of applying u v u I submitted my app and waited 3 months and got no response / app check from any of the 8 admins. TBH that's just way too long. IMO it should take quicker for even less than 8 admins to check apps. Might use her for another group.

Finally finished-- After almost a week :iconmanlysmileplz: I hope I get in, I hope the backstory and personality are okay!

[ N A M E ]

Mitsuko, Hitomi - 光子瞳

[ N I C K N A M E ]

Tomi-, Hito-, Mitsu-, Tsu-, Tsumi-, Mimi-, [ TBA more ]

[ G E N D E R ]


[ S E X U A L I T Y ]


[ A G E ]


[ G R A D E ]


[ D O R M I T O R Y ]


[ C L U B ]


[ L I K E S ]

:bulletgreen: The colour green - Hitomi's favourite colour-- good thing she was born with green hair! She owns alot of green clothes and her room at her house was almost entirely green.

:bulletgreen: Noa - Hitomi's big sister. She cares alot about her and is very protective over her. If she sees someone being mean to her, they'll be put onto Hitomi's 'Baka List' and she [ usually ] won't forgive them for a long time, even if the situation with them and her sister had nothing to do with Hitomi herself.

:bulletgreen: Playing volleyball - One of the things that Hitomi's good at doing. She loves to play volleyball and has been playing it since she was younger.

:bulletgreen: Desserts - Hitomi has a sweet tooth-- desserts being one of the food she likes. Her favourite is either chocolate or mint sundae.

:bulletgreen: Scarves - She owns alot of these-- what a warm thing to snuggle up to when she's cold or in the winter!

:bulletgreen: The rain - Pitter patter, pitter patter. Hitomi loves to watch the rain fall down onto the ground, and the sound that it makes. As long as she's inside, all's good.

:bulletgreen: Cats - Since when could an allergy stop someone from liking something? Like her sister, Hitomi is allergic to cats. But that doesn't mean she doesn't like them! Cats are her favourite animal, and she wishes to own one [ only if she wasn't allergic! ]

:bulletgreen: Her hair - Just because she's usually boyish, doesn't mean she can't like something that most girls care alot over. Hitomi treasures her hair and spends effort into combing it every morning [ and whenever it gets messy and such ] to make sure there's no knots or anything. She also likes to style her hair in many different ways, and hates to see it get messy or dirty.

:bulletgreen: Mint - Hitomi's favourite flavour. She likes mint flavoured ice cream, mint flavoured gum, mint flavoured sundae, mint flavoured chocolate, mint flavoured cake... and it's all green!

[ TBA more ]

[ D I S L I K E S ]

:bulletblack: Winter / The cold - Even though she likes the rain and all, she hates the cold. Like her sister, she's sensitive to the cold and gets sick easily. And being sick is at the bottom of things that she likes to do.

:bulletblack: When people are being mean to Noa - Even if they have nothing to do, she'll get angry if she sees anyone being mean to her older sister. Even if the situation has nothing to do with her, she'll go up to the scene she sees and stand up for her sister. Then, the other person gets put on her 'Baka List'.

:bulletblack: Dancing - Hitomi has two left feet, and by all means she cannot dance. If there's a ball or something, she either won't go or just avoid the entire dancing part of it. However, she respects dancers because they can do such a thing like dance.

:bulletblack: Seafood - She... just doesn't like seafood? Well, she doesn't like most seafoods.

:bulletblack: Flirts - Hitomi thinks that flirts are useless beings, and that love should be made out of someone's true heart, not another person using pick-up lines and stuff to get someone attracted to them [ even if it's only teasing them and such ]

:bulletblack: Closed spaces - She has claustrophobia, and will freak out if she's in a small space, being closed in on a space, or someone is really close to her and she has no escape.

:bulletblack: People who are on her 'Baka List' - They're on that list for a reason.

:bulletblack: Vegetables - Even if her favourite colour is green, doesn't mean she likes vegetables [ most of her hated vegetables being the green ones ]. She prefers almost any other food over vegetables.

[ TBA more ]

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]

Hitomi's a nice girl in general. She can be a bit strange but... she's usually nice to others. She's s bit of a tomboy, but can be girly at times [ like how she cares so much about her hair ]. She usually refuses [ if she's asked to ] to wear a dress / skirt unless it's for school or a special occasion, but she will wear one when [ and if she ever ] wants to. Hitomi's also a bit caring towards others and all, but really doesn't go out of her way to help others unless she really cares about them.

She can be a bit of a tsundere at times [ without the violence ], like denying things that she likes / that she did and all if she finds it embarassing. Also a bit stubborn, once she sets her mind or heart on something, she usually won't stop until she gets her way. :iconmanlytearsplz: When this happens, she usually acts childish to try and get her way, but most of the time it doesn't work. She can get angry quite easily, especially if someone is being mean to her sister or if they're trying to flirt with her. She's also a bit fearless and not that scared to do dangerous things. For example, throw food at someone. Or break into a car.

Hitomi can be really picky at times. Like, if she's eating a carrot and finds a bit of skin on one tiny part of the carrot or if it's overcooked or smth, she'll refuse to eat the rest. Or if she's shopping and likes a top, but doesn't like one tiny detail on it, she won't buy it at all. :iconsetosmileplz: Hitomi is also a bit impatient, and usually hates to wait in lines, hates to wait to buy clothes, hates to wait for her food to come, hates to wait for something she ordered online to be posted to her...... yeah I think you get the point :iconpapmingcryplz: She has a pretty good memory, so if she's told to go shopping or something a week or two in advance, she'll remember to go shopping.

Hitomi is also really, REALLY protective of her older sister [ and most people who she's really close to and all ], and somewhat goes yandere [ but doesn't kill anyone of course ] if she sees someone being mean to her. When she sees someone being mean to her, she'll run over and stand up for her sister, and the person being mean to her will be put on her 'Baka List' :iconming3plz: That thing's hella hard to get off. :iconminghideplz:

In other words, she's a kind girl who's really protective over her older sister, and she's a bit of a tomboy.

[ B I O G R A P H Y ]

Born on May 8, Hitomi was the second child of the Mitsuko family, just under a year younger than her older sister.

Like her sister, Hitomi didn't go to preschool and went straight to Kindergarten. Even if she wasn't with her sister for most of this time [ because of her being in Kindergarten and Noa being in Elementary school ], she had quite a bit of fun in Kindergarten and made a few friends who she spent time with at school. But, whenever she went home, she would always play with her older sister, and became very attached to her.

When she went to Elementary school, none of the friends she made in Kindergarten went to the same school, so Hitomi was alone for the beginning of her first year. All of the other people made friends quite easily, but when Hitomi was in kindergarten, she didn't really go up to the others and ask to be their friends, it was the opposite way around. They came to her.

So, Hitomi didn't really make any friends in the beginning. To make up for all of this, in break times she'd go hang out with her older sister. But in class, she was alone for the most part.
Time passed and she eventually did get away from her shy border and make a few friends. But none of them were as special as her big sister.

When Hitomi entered Junior High, she realised that her sister wasn't always going to be there for her. She realised that she had her own problems aswell, and that she shouldn't rely on her sister all the time.

Therefore, even though she'd still hang out with her at home, she decided she wouldn't go to her every break time to hang out. She still hanged out with her a few times and let her help her [ and helped her herself ] She tried to make her own friends like the other people did. She made a few, but then again, she wouldn't call any of them her 'best' friends.

Then, one day in her Second Year, she met a girl by the name of Chiaki Fukushima. She was in Hitomi's class for both her second and third year. Hitomi didn't go near her much in her second year, but they became very good friends in her third year.
They would go shopping together. They would eat lunch together. They would go to places like bowling and ice skating on the weekends.
Hitomi had alot of fun, and considered Chiaki as her first best friend.

When Hitomi entered Highschool, for her first year she didn't go to Tachikawa. She went to the same highschool as Chiaki, and not the same as Noa. Hitomi was a bit upset that she wouldn't be with her sister, but she was happy that Chiaki was there. She would be able to see her sister at home.

The same fun from Juniour High continues, until Hitomi's parents told her she was going to be transferring to Tachikawa.
She was upset that she would be moving at first, even though it was the school her sister would go to with her aswell. Chiaki was sad aswell, but they finally came to a decision that Hitomi would transfer, and that they'd keep in touch via. phone and email and such.

I wonder what will happen in Tachikawa... Let's find out soon!

[ A D D I T I O N A L - I N F O ]

:bulletgreen: Mitsuko, Noa is her older sister

:bulletgreen: She has claustrophobia

:bulletgreen: She wishes she wasn't allergic to cats, or that someone made some sort of thing to cure her allergy to cats

:bulletgreen: She was in the volleyball club when she was in Junior High school

:bulletgreen: She gets decent grades.

:bulletgreen: She gets sick easily and is sensitive to the cold

:bulletgreen: Decent at singing

[ TBA more ]

[ Q U O T E S ]

:bulletgreen: "Don't you DARE hurt Onee-chan!"

:bulletgreen: "If you wanna hate on Onee-chan, you gotta get past me first!"

:bulletgreen: "My 'Baka List' exists for a reason..."

[ TBA more ]

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

Mitsuko, Noa - Hitomi's older sister - "Onee-chan"
"I really, really like Onee-chan! She's always so nice to me and even if she teases me a bit, I still love her the way she is! Watch out anyone who tries to be mean to her, I'm on her side!"

[ TBA more ]
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