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UL:  Kazehaya, Miho by Yumiiro UL:  Kazehaya, Miho by Yumiiro
E D I T : AHHHH I WAS ACCEPTED-- :iconallmytearplz: Thank you so much for accepting me, it really means alot! :iconyattaaplz: If anyone wants to RP, feel free to comment or note me!
yeahhhhhhhhhh I found a Shugo Chara rp group :iconmanlysmileplz: I hope I get in!

[ N A M E ]

Kazehaya, Miho

[ N I C K N A M E S ]

Miho-chan, Mi-chan, Kaze-chan, Haya-chan, Mimi-chan, Whatever you want to call her

[ A G E ]


[ G E N D E R ]


[ B I R T H D A Y ]

August 15

[ H E I G H T ]

178 cm / 5'10"

[ W E I G H T ]

67 kg / 149 lbs

[ Y E A R ]


[ N A T I O N A L I T Y ]


[ R O O M M A T E ]

Chiba, Sayuri

[ C L U B ]


[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]

Miho is a shy girl. She can find it hard to talk to people, and gets nervous whenever trying to talk to someone that she's not very close to. She stutters her words alot, and it can make her a bit hard to understand. She also gets nervous very easily, and if she thinks she's done something wrong she'll apologise several times, and maybe even start to cry for a bit-- not that long. Even though she's shy and it can be a bit hard to get close to her-- She's actually a friendly person when you get to know her :iconsmile-luplz:. She tries her best to keep her friends happy, which makes her happy. Even though she's opened up, she may still act a bit shy, but not as much as when you first meet her. If you tell something to Miho, there's most of a chance she'll believe it. What she's told may not make sense-- but really, she'll believe it :iconneveraloneplz:. She also gets quite scared easily, believing that ghosts and such. are real after being told ghost stories. Miho cares alot about the people around her-- if she does something she thinks is bad, she's immediately apologise. She tries to protect her friends in any way she can, but can step away at times if the situation gets too bad :iconmingplz:. She's actually the type of person to stay calm in a bad situation, she tries to avoid herself getting into bad things anyway. If something like this happens, she'll try her best to calm everyone down and to get them all to sort things out by talking to each other and such.

[ L I K E S / D I S L I K E S ]

:bulletgreen: Bunnies
:bulletgreen: Kind People
:bulletgreen: Really Sweet Food
:bulletgreen: Really Spicy Food :iconmingplz:
:bulletgreen: Shoujo Manga
:bulletgreen: Dark Chocolate
:bulletgreen: Writing Music
:bulletgreen: Singing
:bulletgreen: Music in general

:bulletblack: Seafood
:bulletblack: Playing Sports
:bulletblack: Ducks
:bulletblack: Ghost Stories
:bulletblack: Snakes
:bulletblack: Vegetables
:bulletblack: Cooking
:bulletblack: Loud noises
:bulletblack: Coffee

[ B I O G R A P H Y ]

Miho Kazehaya. Born into the Kazehaya family with an older twin brother, she had a pretty basic childhood.
Like she is now, she was a shy girl. She didn't like to do much public speaking. She liked to stay away from anything that would, well, get her 'noticed', as she just liked to sit away in the shadows and do her own thing. She had some friends, and she didn't really have any enemies. It was pretty basic.

However, Miho had a talent for music.

In her spare time, she would always sing a small tune. She would like to write music. If she had one near her, she would either play the piano or the violin, and she loved it. It was always one of her favourite things to do.
But out of all of them, she loved to write music. She was bad with lyrics, but she, herself, thought her music writing was quite good. Even though most of them were just simple piano tunes, she liked to play them herself and eventually, made a full song with quite a few instruments in it.

Proud of her work, she wanted to tell more people about her music. But, however, she was too shy and afraid to. She was scared that people would say mean things about her songs, one of the few things she put alot and alot of effort into.
But one day before she went to sleep, she wished that she would be able to become less shy... To tell more people about her works, to not be afraid of doing anything. And then she slept.

When she entered her first year of highschool, Miho was still shy as all the other years she was, but she made a friend named Aya, a very good friend, and she was more close to her than any of the other friends she had. But still, even though they were best friends, Miho was still too nervous to show anyone her music, even her.

One day, Miho wanted to show Aya some of her music so she went over to her house. Even though the visit was for Miho to show her music, they ended up doing other things like watching TV and eating lots of food, that Miho eventually forgot, and left the music book on her desk, where she put it so she could find it later on.

Aya noticed the music book and decided to open it, realising it was Miho's. Well, really, it said her name on it and had her handwriting.
She looked through the book, and found out that Miho loved to write music. Sure, she was shocked since Miho never told her about it and thought that she knew everything about her, and wondered why Miho didn't tell her about her love for music.

Since it was Miho's book, she decided to call her and tell her she left her book at her house.

// phone rings //
"U..Uhm... Hello, this is Miho K..Kazehaya...
"Hey, Miho. This is Aya, I just wanted to tell you that you left my music book at my house."
"M...My music Ah, I'll be sure to pick it up right away... S..See you when I get there...."

Miho then hung up the phone and went back to Aya's house.
She quickly ran to Aya's room and got the book from where she left it, and tried to quickly leave, but just before she was going to leave, Aya asked her a question.

"Hey, you like writing music, right?"
Miho quickly nodded as she finished her question, wondering if Aya might have had something against her love for music.
"Then why didn't you tell me? I would've tried to help you with things if you needed any help with any songs... I could've sang for some of them..."
Surprised, Miho's looked down to the ground and started pressing her fingers together.
"I....I'm sorry... I..I just thought might've thought it was weird, s..since there's not too many people that like to compose like t..this...."
"What do you mean? I know a little about composing myself, and your work is talent! It's not weird, you should be proud of it!"
Miho's face brighted up, and she looked back at Aya.
"Yes, really! So I'll help you out anytime, okay? Can you play a song for me, please?"
"O...Of course I can!"

Miho then stayed at Aya's house for a little while longer, and played some of her songs for her.
She knew it was okay for people to know about her love for music, even if she was still a bit too nervous to show other people other than Aya.

What will happen next in her life? Let's find out at Seiyo Academy, ne?

[ Q U O T E ]

"The worst mistake you can make is giving up."

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

None yet :iconmingplz: I'll update this as time goes by

[ V O I C E ]

Voice Actress : Rie Kugimiya
Anime Role : Mizore Shirayuki
Example of Voice :…

[ E X T R A ]

:bulletgreen: One of her favourite things to do is compose music
:bulletgreen: She can play the piano and violin, however, she is much better at the piano than at the violin
:bulletgreen: She dislikes cooking and is awful at it
:bulletgreen: Scared of snakes
:bulletgreen: She doesn't like any food which has a plain taste, she only likes foods which are either really sweet, or really spicy :iconmingplz:
:bulletgreen: She has an allergy to ducks
:bulletgreen: Sometimes when she's nervous, she twirls a strand of her hair around her finger
:bulletgreen: Her grades are average, she doesn't really excel or fail in any subjects.
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